The appearance of a rare lizard makes the airport panic

The appearance of a rare lizard makes the airport panic

Staff at London Heathrow Airport were surprised to find a rare lizard running around the trunk area last week.

The 12-inch lizard was found wandering around the luggage segmentation area of ​​Heathrow Terminal 4. Airport staff caught the lizard, which they believe was taken illegally to the country.

“We do not know for sure, but we think the reptile might be placed in the suitcase in an attempt to bring it to Britain illegally,” an official from the Rare Species Trade Frontier Convention (CITES) said in a statement. “It must have caused her great distress so it is a miracle that she did not die of shock, cold or accident.”

The Monitor Lizard, also known as Varanus Bengalensis, appears to be immature. This species is capable of reaching lengths of up to 6.5 feet. They are usually found in India and Southeast Asia and survive by eating crickets.

The lizard is currently handled by a specialist animal center near Heathrow, until CITES can find the right home for the reptile.

While it may surprise travelers and staff at the airport, at least the lizard does not fly on the plane. In the past year, there have been a number of events where passengers encountered five feet of snakes and three scorpions on three different flights.

Deadly Reptile Lovers Conceived Mysterious Piton The Mother Precisely Keeps Maintaining

Deadly Reptile Lovers Conceived Mysterious Piton The Mother Precisely Keeps Maintaining

A snake-loving man finally dies in the hands of his own pet. And Brandon, killed by his favorite python named Tiny on August 25 at his home in Church Crookham, Hampshire, England. While showing affection on the reptile, Brandon actually wrapped up to experience shortness of breath. Although the snake had claimed the life of his son, the mother, Babs still took care of the snake.

Not without reason, Babs confessed the snake might just want to show his affection to Brandon, even though the way is too wrong. This event was originally known to the mother when he heard a loud banging sound from Brandon’s room. At first, Babs thought it was the sound of falling things or something. However, when he goes to his room, Brandon has been found unconscious in his prone position.

Babs immediately made an emergency call, unfortunately the son’s life could not be helped.At that moment, Babs realized that Tiny was not in her tank. Sure enough, based on the results of the examination, Dr. Adman Al Badri said if Brandon had bleeding behind the eyes, blood vessels broke, and his lungs also look crowded.

“Brandon certainly looks healthy and has no illness whatsoever,” Adman insisted.Nor was there any bite marks, or stab wounds in Brandon’s body.

The single biggest cause of his death was the winding of this eight-foot four-inch snake. Brandon keeps 10 snakes and 12 tarantulas in his room, one of which is Tiny. Tiny itself is an African Piton-type snake. Suspected when the incident took place, the snake was wrapped around it. And unintentionally, Brandon did something that made the snake react abnormally. Brandon has devoted 16 years of his life to caring for the animals.